Biking Bar Harbor & Acadia

Your Guide to Biking Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor In our humble opinion, biking offers one of the best ways to enjoy the pink granite mountains, tall spruces, stunning ocean views, and quaint shops of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Named the second-best national park for cyclists, Acadia has long been a destination […]

Off Season Splendor

The Best Time to Go to Acadia National Park Picture this: Acadia’s iconic Park Loop Road padded with a few inches of bright snow and patterned with cross country ski tracks and snowshoe prints. Freshly formed icicles glisten on the pink granite cliffs. A white-tailed deer steps carefully through the quiet forest among pine boughs […]

Sunrise Seekers: Bar Harbor Motel to Cadillac Summit

photo of the view from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor Maine

Pillow to Peak: Bar Harbor Motel to Cadillac Mountain Sunrise Hike If you’re planning a trip to Acadia, you’ve probably considered catching a sunrise at Cadillac Mountain, and for good reason! Not only is Cadillac the highest peak in the park, it’s also the highest point on the eastern seaboard and provides visitors with magnificent, […]

Getting a Taste of Acadia’s Waters on Your Trip to Bar Harbor

First-Person Perspective of an Orange Kayak on the Ocean

Located more than 150 miles up the state’s jagged coast, Maine’s largest island juts into the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Only one road connects Mount Desert Island to the mainland, leaving every edge surrounded with views of Frenchman Bay and the Mount Desert Narrows.Life in and around Mount Desert Island has been […]

Mount Desert Island Scavenger Hunt: Exploring Acadia & Bar Harbor with Kids

Mount Desert Island may be small, but between the charming town of Bar Harbor and the beautiful landscape of Acadia National Park, it can be tough deciding where to go and what to see, especially if you’ve got youngsters in tow. How do you hit all the best spots around the island, ensure there’s plenty […]